Tamara Sweeney, MA, Psychology

Intuitive Reader and Soul Guide

Discovering and developing my gifts has been a long and difficult path. My biological mother, who was gifted, left when I was 6, and I pushed through many challenges – in my childhood, in my relationships, and in my spiritual life – to find my true self.

In 2001, I reached out to my mother, and I began to realize that I was gifted too. Even with that realization, I was still blocked by my own fears and insecurities. It was not until 16 years later that I first heard the voice of a spirit, and truly began my spiritual journey.

I live in Connecticut now, still fully experiencing that spiritual awakening. I am completely authentic and transparent and I would love to use my gift to help you overcome your life's challenges.

Photo of Tamara Sweeney, Intuitive Reader, Soul Guide, Developing Psychic

Justina Panter-Renoud

I had a reading with Tamara early in 2020. She revealed things that sparked my awakening. She was able to tell me a couple of things about myself that gave me a deep understanding about my life's purpose and journey. I gained a whole new perspective and knowingness about my true self. Tamara is genuine and here to help guide us through this amazing time.

Tomo Morgan

This is the time of year where I give thanks... to all those lightworkers I've met this past year... Tamara... where did you come from? You are on the ball everyday and provide the most intel (intuitive guidance). Without you, we wouldn't have gotten this far! Thank you so, so much!

Kelly H.

I had a reading with Tamara a few weeks ago. She instantly put me at ease and saw who I truly am. The information she provided resonated deep within me as truth. I'm still on a journey of finding my higher purpose and I'm grateful I can tap into Tamara's abilities as I grow my own.

Mathew S.

Tamara gave me a very insightful psychic reading despite the thousands of miles distance between us. Proving yet again that space, and time are no object when it comes to tapping into the flow of consciousness. Thank you Tamara!